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Our main User-Signals for Google ranking:



The click-through rate (CTR) measures the proportion of individuals who see your website in the search results and click on it. Basically, if a web page has a lot of people clicking on it, Google will think the page is more relevant.

That is why the sites that have a better click-through rate will appear above the others.

Branded searches


A branded search is a search for a brand or company name. For example, if someone enters the search query "Coca cola" they are conducting a branded search for Coca Cola.

Increasing the monthly amount of branded searches shows Google that your brand is popular.

Time on site


The dwell time, or time on site, is the amount of time a single user spends on your website. If your website is a blog and visitors come and read and leave within a few seconds, then your dwell time will be low.

Having a decent average time on site shows Google that your content is interesting for users.

Bounce rate


Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits. (For example, if your website had 100 visits and 25 of them bounced, then your bounce rate would be 25%.)

Having a low bounce rate shows Google that people engage with your website.

Social share


Social share is the act of sharing some content on the Internet through social networks. Social shares are the fuel that powers the viral web.

Google considers that a website is viral if it receives social traffic from social sharing links.

How does it work ?

Rankstar uses its private network in your target market (country/city) to search for your desired keywords.

In the search results, our users click on your website and engage with its content for a few minutes.  

Those actions increase your CTR, time on site, and branded searches.

Google receives the signals that your website is especially relevant for the keyword.

Nowadays, those user signals are very important SEO ranking factors.

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